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thunder the baptist

Putting the Lord's business in the street

Bright Light Ministries, Inc

Dallas, Texas

 phone   972 217 3883

cell  214 417 4425

Rev. Tommy Dyer 


Thunder's Blog

Thunder's Blog

A Major Holiday is Coming

Posted on November 13, 2022 at 9:50 AM

Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter are my favorite holidays. I celebrate Christmas as the birth of Jesus Christ. Thanksgiving is a day I bless God for the great things He has done for me. Easter is the day I clebrate the resurrection of my Lord and Savior. The joy of the Lord filles my heart every Sunday.

There are two days not on the calendar. 1. Reckoning Day is when you must give an account (pay) for your actions committed. We must give an account of our sins. 2. Judgment day is when God pays you for your sins (debt). There is no court of appeals. In the bible (KJV), Romans 6:23. "For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord." There is a prepared place waiting for you after death. An invitation to hell is open to all unbelievers. Hell is a place you go to and not through. There is an entrance and no exit. Seek the love and mercy of God while you can. Salvation is for the repentant soul. It is not His Will that no one goes to hell. Heaven is a place for the redeemed. Jesus Christ paid the sacrificial price that God demanded for our sins. We must prepare for the day of judgment. Make the right decision. Be born again and become spiritual. The great day of rejoying will be your reward.

thunder the baptist

putting the Lord's business in the street

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