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thunder the baptist

Putting the Lord's business in the street

Church on the Hill

In a world of darkness, it is wonderful to see a light. Not just any light, but a burning and shinning light. It is the kind of light that does not go out. There are some temporary lights that will not last because of the lack of resource. You can receive light from a reflector but it is not the true light! The burning and shinning light must have an unlimited SOURCE! The Church is one of the shinning and burning lights in the world that will never go out. The other light is the WITNESS of Christ. Jesus gave the Church the witness and declared that the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. We have chosen True Vine of Holiness Missionary Baptist Church 6728 Altaire Ave., Dallas, TX 75241 to be The Church on the Hill. First of all True Vine has a spirit filled worship service, where everyone can feel welcome. The members are very friendly and not afraid to show the love that they have for the Lord. They are small in number, I like to call them "a Little People with a Big Voice". They are led to the throne of Grace by the leadership of pastor Dr. Wendell Blair, Sr. Who is a powerful speaker and an excellent teacher filled with the Spirit of God. This is a PRAYING, a PREACHING and a WITNESSING Church. Their Church Motto is "The Church where the Bible is our Guide". You can see this church at work. Pastor Blair believes that Jesus ministered to the Whole Man, and the church should meet the needs of the people as they are presented. It is this approach of ministering to the Whole Man to meet his spiritual, physical, and psychological needs that encompasses the VISION that the Lord has given him and this church. With ministries that Evangelizes and wins the lost to Christ, You can enhance your spiritual growth by attending bible study on Wednesday, this church is accessible. Believe me when I say that this church is on fire for the Lord! Congratulations! True Vine Missionary Baptist Church. Keep up the good work! Please visited this church SOON!

"I am glad to be a proud member of a Faithful Church."

Rev. Tommy Dyer